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The following is a commitment from the Reynolds Team of the things we will do to achieve the successful sale of your property.


1.  We will provide consistent exposure of your property through various mass media advertising.  While advertising does not guarantee a sale, it will generate inquiries.  Elcor Realty's office policy calls for all calls on your property to go directly to Randy’s team, when possible, thus ensuring professional handling.


2.  We will list your property in the Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS automatically exposes your property to over 1000 REALTORS, any one of whom could potentially sell your property.


3.  We will bring the agents from our office through your property and explain the many features your property offers.


4.  We will call other REALTORS specializing in properties of your type and provide them with proper sales information about your property.  Since Randy has been involved in selling Real Estate for over 38 years, he has developed a working relationship with most of the other successful Realtors in and around Rochester.  This allows him to communicate with all of them, and also distribute information to them to enhance their interest in your property.  If a REALTOR has interest in your property, he/she is more apt to suggest it to their potential customer.


5.  We will prepare brochures on your property to summarize the numerous amenities which your property has to offer.  Providing a brochure for a potential buyer to take with them allows them to remember the details of your property even after they have left.


6.  We will personally follow up on all inquiries made in regard to your property.  A purchase of this size is rarely a one-day decision.  We have the knowledge, ability and time to follow up with all interested prospects.


7.  We will provide a checklist to help you make your property as saleable as possible.  This checklist includes proven techniques that help sell properties.


8.  We will contact you on a regular basis to let you know what we are doing to market your property and to explain any response from inquiries or showings.  Open communication lines make your transaction much less stressful.


9.  Randy will be available to you at both his office and at his home to answer any questions you may have.  One of the benefits Randy provides is convenience - feel free to call whenever you like.


10. We will provide you with one of the most experienced and most professional sales staffs ever assembled in Rochester.  Experienced people, when combined in a professional environment, create ideas which cause results.


11. Randy will review the financial capabilities of prospective buyers before presenting a purchase agreement to you.  What we don't want to happen is to tie up your property with an unqualified buyer.


12. After entering into a purchase agreement we will deliver all necessary documents to the proper authorities.




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